As a presenter, participant and host, Mark has explored a number of topics connected to innovation in schools. From his recent TEDx talk about the future of libraries to longer shows about big topics in education, these videos may be helpful resources for starting conversations or framing some big ideas.

Changing the Conversation about Librarians | TEDx 

Shows on educational topics

Ed Tech Remix: ISTE/Washington State Ed Tech Standards | YouTube (VPS)

Feedback: Project-Based Learning | YouTube (VPS)

Feedback: Creating Digital Citizens | YouTube (VPS)

Feedback: Digital Natives | YouTube (VPS)

Shorter stories on educational topics

Future Ready: Growing Teachers as Leaders | Office of Ed Tech – U.S Department of Education

Future Ready: Establishing a Professional Learning Ecosystem | Office of Ed Tech – U.S. Department of Education

In the Know: The Changing Role of School Librarians | YouTube (VPS)

In the Know: iPads and Literature | YouTube (VPS)

In the Know: Video Game Class | YouTube (VPS)

In the Know: iPads with Special Needs Students | YouTube (VPS)

In the Know: Stopping Cyber Bullying | YouTube (VPS)

Webinars and other resources

Librarians as Change Agents: The Expertise is Right Here | Follett Webinar